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Our dharma rituals are designed to offer you the ultimate relaxing SPA experience, with innovative treatments that reflect our dharma philosophy. Rituals include massage, body scrub and wrap, ending with a bath in a hydromassage tub, with different ingredients and results depending on the chosen ritual. This is the best way to experience our SPA.

Dharma rituals are exclusive to Zona rosa & Roma condesa

Ritual Chocolover cover.jpg

This ritual is designed for all chocolate lovers; The dharma special massage relaxes the muscles and nervous system to freely receive the delicious exfoliation, chocolate wrap and bath with chocolate salts. This treatment removes dead skin and cells, promotes skin restructuring, recovering its beauty, softness, moisture and elasticity. The bath is accompanied by a cold chocolate drink and a tasting of premium Mexican chocolate. Your skin will be deeply nourished in chocolate ecstasy.

Duration: 3 hrs. Cost: $3,949 pesos ($3,554 when paying online)


Enjoy our luxurious beauty treatment with a global trend. Thanks to the grape seed that contains a hundred times more antioxidants than vitamin E, this ritual will contribute to rejuvenation, detoxification of tissues and improvement of circulation. Includes a deep tissue massage, exfoliation and wine wrap, exclusive moisturizing antioxidant red wine bath, accompanied by a glass of select wine. With this ritual we will give your body a luxurious rest, antioxidant boost and deep nourishment.

Duration: 3 hrs. Cost: $4,299 pesos ($3,869 when paying online)


Blue agave is not only used to make tequila, it is also ideal for keeping skin young and healthy. The experience of this ritual consists of an aromatic massage reminiscent of agave fields, followed by an exfoliation and wrap of agave tequilana that will restore your skin and give an anti-aging effect, we finish the ritual with an aromatic Mexican bath and a special cold drink that will make you connect with Mexico and its sacred culture. Dare to live the experience of this ritual and relive the same as the mexica goddess, Mayahuel, who purified her body and soul with the properties of agave, a unique experience 100% proudly mexican, exclusive to Zona Rosa Spa.

Duration: 3 hrs. Cost: $4,299 pesos ($3,869 when paying online)

je (4 de 1).jpg

We perform this ritual with hot Himalayan pink salt stones, applying different pressures to the entire body's muscles, followed by an exfoliation with pink salt and a tiare and coconut wrap to moisturize and hydrate the skin. We finish the ritual with a relaxing bath of salts and bubbles. As the salt penetrates the skin, you will feel in your body the benefits of greater rest, pH balance, relaxation and well-being. Treat yourself to an exclusive zona rosa spa experience with the purest and most natural salts on the planet.

Duration: 3 hrs. Cost: $4,499 pesos ($4,049 when paying online)


After a long trip, a bad night of insomnia, or a day that did not go as expected, you deserve to treat yourself to an experience of rest, relaxation and pampering. This ritual includes an aromatic massage throughout the body plus a massage focused on the head and face with essential oil against tension and headaches, exfoliation and verbena body wrap with deep relaxing properties, to finish with a bath of nutritious milk that will revitalize your spirits. Recovery, gratitude, happiness and energy will be your companions after the ritual.

Duration: 3.5 hrs. Cost: $4,799 pesos ($4,298 when paying online)


Our shortest version of our jet lag ritual, Includes:
*60 min aromatic massage
*30 min head and face massage with our relaxing essence oil
*30 min foot scrub and massage  

Duration: 2 hrs. Cost: $2,299 pesos

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