Return the natural shine to your face, with our facials designed for the care of your skin.

All our facials include a deep pre-cleaning. The difference will be found in the application of the product according to the type of skin or effect desired.

01. Facial oxigenante.jpg

Oxygenating facial

Our oxygenating products release and breathe the skin; Indicated to combat the city pollution.

60 min. $859 pesos

02. Facial para caballero.jpg

Male facial

Exclusive facial renewal and cleansing for men's skin, with products designed to deeply hydrate.

60 min. $999 pesos 

05. Facial multivitaminico.jpg

Multivitamin facial

Our most complete facial provides extreme organic renewal and revitalization of the face with products high in vitamins.

60 min. $1,159 pesos

04. Facial express lujo marino.jpg

Luxury marine express facial

It is a natural and organic facial that detoxifies and deeply cleanses the skin with marine active ingredients.

40 min. $959 pesos

03. Facial express agave.jpg

Agave express facial

With multiple sessions it helps to prevent and attenuate the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, deeply hydrates the skin.

40 min. $759 pesos