Return the natural shine to your face, with our facials designed for the care of your skin.

All our facials include a deep pre-cleaning. The difference will be found in the application of the product according to the type of skin or effect desired.

Purifying oxigen facial

Deep oxygenation that releases and gives respite to the skin, indicated to combat the pollution of the city.

60 min. $699 pesos

Charcoal detox facial

Organic facial that detoxifies & cleanses the skin at depth level.

60 min. $699 pesos

Male facial

Cleanse and deep renovation, with products designed to hydrate the male skin.

60 min. $799 pesos 

Anti age facial

With multiple sessions it helps prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging, deeply hydrating the skin.

60 min. $799 pesos 

Multivitamin facial

Our most complete facial, provides an extreme renewal and organic revitalization of the face with products high in vitamins.

60 min. $899 pesos


Give that boost to your face, radiofrequency favors the restructuring of collagen, giving skin firmer and rejuvenated. Add it during any facial for:

15 min. $349 pesos  | 20 min. $399 pesos

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