You can choose your favorite massage, ranging from a gentle and relaxing treatment, to a revitalizing therapy that restores your energy and vitality to your physical and emotional bodies. There is a massage for every occasion and liking.

10. Masaje energético.jpg

*New* Energy healing massage

The therapist performs a personalized massage, guided by his experience and intuition to treat the body from different approaches. During the massage he may do healing techniques such as Theta healing or pranic healing (not Reiki) to unblock and heal the natural energy flow of each person, this may help to alleviate pain from existing or chronic illnesses, ease the mind and more.

*This massage is offered only by one of our therapist, book with anticipation.

60 min. $899 pesos  | 90 min. $1,299 pesos

Trip Masaje relajante.jpg


A gentle and delicate massage that helps to relax the nervous system, ideal for recovering from a sleepless night.

60 min. $859 pesos  | 90 min. $1,159 pesos



Relaxing medium pressure technique, warm oil applied, you can choose your favorite aroma from our curated selection

60 min. $1,059 pesos | 90 min. $1,459 pesos

Trip Dharma especial.jpg

Dharma special

Signature massage, the perfect anti-stress massage with medium pressure, a combination of our best techniques.

60 min. $859 pesos  | 90 min. $1,159 pesos

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Deep tissue

Helps to release knots caused by poor posture, exercise and high stress. The pressure range from strong to very strong.

60 min. $1,059 pesos | 90 min. $1,459 pesos

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Foot massage

A delicate and pleasant way to pamper your feet after long tourist walks. Soft to medium pressure.

30 min. $449 pesos  | 60 min. $859 pesos



Massage for active athletes, helps to prevent or heal existing injuries, combining stretching and pressure.

60 min. $959 pesos  | 90 min. $1,359 pesos



For future moms, it is perfect to relax your muscles and support the release of pain and changes during pregnancy.

60 min. $959 pesos  | 90 min. $1,359 pesos


Thai foot reflexology

Relieves diseases of the organs through strong pressure points on feet.

Helps rebalance your mind and body.

30 min. $449 pesos | 60 min. $859 pesos  

04. Masaje con piedras calientes.jpg

Hot stones

Our obsidian stones restore and neutralize body energy with this delicious massage thermotherapy.

60 min. $959 pesos  | 90 min. $1,359 pesos

08. Masaje con ventosas calientes.jpg

Cupping massage

Restore the muscles to their original shape without much pain. Consider it leaves marks that take days to disappear.

60 min. $959 pesos  | 90 min. $1,359 pesos

09. Masaje ritual ayurveda.jpg

Ayurveda ritual

Relaxing, energetic and sensory Indian massage. Warm oil is applied throughout the body balancing the chakras.

60 min. $1,059 pesos|90 min. $1,459 pesos  

05. Espalda, cuello y hombros.jpg

Back, neck & shoulders

For first-time massage users, releases pain from poor posture, stiff neck or light stress. Pressure ranges soft to medium.

30 min. $449 pesos  | 60 min. $859 pesos

06. Masaje en cabeza y rostro.jpg

Head & face 

This massage improves headaches and migraines, deeply relaxing the nervous system.

30 min. $449 pesos  | 60 min. $859 pesos  


Couples massage

The best way to spend time with a loved one. The massage will be in the same room and everyone can choose their favorite massage or ritual.


Professional treatments in the comfort of your home or hotel, book with us and stay at home relaxed.

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