60min $699

Thai foot reflexology  

Relieves pain and illness through pressure points on the feet. Strong pressure.

30min $399 | 60min $699

Foot massage  

A massage to softly pamper your feet and legs.


30min $399 | 60min $699

Head & face massage

This massage helps fight migraine and headaches, deeply relaxing the nervous system.


30min $399 | 60min $699  

Cupping massage

Therapeutic massage that restores muscle to its original state without pain, can leave small marks that vanishes within days.

30min $399 | 60min $699  

Back, neck & shoulders massage

Focused on releasing pain due poor posture or stress, medium pressure technique. *if more pressure is needed upgrade to Deep tissue.

60min $799 | 90min $1,099

Relaxing massage

A soft and delicate massage, it helps to relax the nervous system.

60min $799 | 90min $1,099

Signature Dharma special massage

A combination with the best of our techniques applied with medium pressure.

60min $899 | 90min $1,299

Hot aroma oil massage

Choose your favorite aroma, let yourself be pampered by our expert hands with this relaxing technique applied with warm oil and medium pressure.


60min $899 | 90min $1,299  

Hot stones massage

Thermotherapy designed for maximum relaxation, our stones of obsidian restore and neutralize body energy.

60min $899 | 90min $1,299  

Sports massage

For active athletes, stretches, strong and soft pressure are combined. It helps to prevent or treat existing injuries.

60min $899

Pregnancy massage

This massage is the perfect coadjuvant for pregnancy, since it relaxes the muscles and supports to cope with the pains caused by the changes that the body goes through during pregnancy.

60min $999 | 90min $1,399

Deep tissue massage

It helps to release knots and severe muscle pains by applying strong pressure.


60min $999 | 90min $1,399

Ayurveda ritual massage

It is a relaxing-energetic massage, born in India and adapted for the public in Mexico. We use a special blend of tridosha oil, this oil is applied warm throughout your body with soft and relaxing strokes; We balance the chakras with polarity therapy and singing tibetan bowl, followed by a rain of essential oil drops on your back, relaxing the nervous system in depth. The relaxation and energy balance may be visible with one session.


Couples massage

The best way to spend time side by side with a loved one. Both will enjoy a massage at the same time in the same room, everyone can choose their favorite massage and/or ritual. When choosing sessions of 90 minutes a discount of $ 200 pesos on the total amount is applied. (applies only to massage, does not apply to facials and / or packages)

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