Packages designed to enjy the best of our treatments. Choose your favorite one:


Himalayan Ritual
(2hrs. from $2,000 to $1,899)

Exclusive ritual with pink Himalayan salt, includes:

  • 90min exfoliation and massage with hot stones of pink Himalayan salt

  • 30min of head and face massage.

Blue agave ritual

(2hrs. from $2,550 to $2,399)

Pamper your body with the hydrating and antioxidant properties of blue agave, includes:

  • 90min of exfoliation and agave tequilana wrap.

  • 40min express agave facial.

Dharma Jet lag

(2hrs. from $1,800 to $1,699)

After a long trip or a bad sleepless night, treat yourself with the anti jet lag package that includes:

  • 60min aromatic massage

  • 30min head and face massage with relaxing essential oil

  • 30min foot massage

Birthday package
(2.5hrs. from $2,700 to $2,499)

A special package to pamper the birthday person, we decorate the massage room for a happy and well-wishing experience. It includes:

  • 60min special dharma signature massage

  • 45min of body scrub with any of our luxurious scrubs

  • 40min of our express agave facial,

  • Finishing it with courtesy dessert and tea.

Dharma gentleman package

(3hrs. from $3,400 to $3,099)

Designed for our gentleman clients, helps to ease daily stress and restore energy, it includes:

  • 60min sports massage (relaxing) or deep tissue

  • 40min leg revival 

  • 20min back exfoliation

  • 60min facial for men


On vacation package

(3hrs. from $3,500 to $3,199)

Complement your vacation with the best of our treatments so you can continue to enjoy the city. It includes:

  • 40min leg revival

  • 60min deep tissue or aromatic massage (to choose)

  • 20min back exfoliation

  • 60min multivitamin facial

Energy balance ritual
(3.5hrs. from $3,850 to $3,499)

This is a ritual designed to thank, restore, balance and give the best to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, it includes:

  • 45min of body scrub to choose

  • 90min of ayurveda massage with our spiritual aromatic blend

  • Chakra alignment with Tibetan bowl, quartz and energy polarity (during massage)

  • 30min foot massage

  • 40min marine luxury express facial.


Give a moment of reconnection and love for your special person, family member, friend, partner. The indicated price is the total for two people in mexican pesos.

Yin yang -for 2-

(2.5hrs. from $3,800 to $3,599)

The best to share with a special person and pamper yourself as a couple, includes:

  • 90min relaxing massage or dharma special

  • 60min oxygenating facial

You and I -for 2-

(2.5hrs. from $5,400 to $4,999)

For those moments of romance where we just want to say "Together against the world", the package includes:

  • 60min massage with hot obsidian stones (neutralizes the body and energy).

  • 45min coconut body scrub or multi-sided scrub (to choose).

  • 40min express marine luxury facial


Souls pact -for 2-

(3hrs. from $6,400 to $5,999)

There's a story that say souls make a pact before incarnating on earth, destined to support each other in a spiritual and emotional growth. Designed to share with that special soul that accompanies us, it includes:

  • 90min ayurveda or aromatic massage.

  • 40min leg revival 

  • 40min agave express facial

Royal Honeymoon -for 2-

(4hrs. from $7,800 to $7,249)

Reenact those moments of love as if it were the first time, share our most complete package for two. Thought and designed to give you a break and reconnect with your loved one, it includes:

  • 60min ayurveda ritual massage, aromatic or deep tissue massage.

  • 90min body wrap and exfoliation

  • 60min multivitamin facial

  • Romantic decorated room & 30min as courtesy to drink a glass of wine and complimentary snacks